Tournament’s Donator Rainer Radtke

Rainer Radtke was a long-time club member of the SV Königsjäger Süd-West e.V. and was committed to the promotion of chess throughout his life.

The chess development of children and young people was particularly close to his heart. Thus, for years he not only led a training group in the club, but also offered free private training for some members, in which he passed on his legendary endgame skills.

No matter what challenges Rainer faced, he always found a way to continue participating in chess. This went so far that he did not even let his own death in 2019 stand in the way of this commitment! He achieved this by bequeathing a large part of his fortune to our club. This bequest is to finance the prize pool of a major U25 tournament every year from 2023 on. This tournament is now the “Berlin U25 Open”, which thanks to Rainer will have a large prize fund every year. In the first two years 2023 and 2024, this prize fund will total €32,000 in each year.

On behalf of Rainer, we wish all participants much success in our tournament.