50% of the places assigned!

Together we are accepting registrations from up to 230 players for the 1st Berlin U25 Open in the A and B Open. At the moment we already have half of these registrations with 115 registrations.

Currently we have players from 10 nations: Bulgaria, Germany, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland and Ukraine. This will definitely be an international chess festival!

Among the players there are also already 24 title holders: 7 IM, 14 FM and 3 CM. The trend is clearly upward: the field of participants promises high-quality chess games.

And of course, the U25 limit applies to all participants. Only those born in 1998 or later may participate. The tournament promises to be a highlight of the young chess scene!

In connection with the registrations it should be noted that starting places in the tournament are guaranteed only if there is an online registration and a transfer of the entry fee. This is the case for all published in the list of participants.

See you in October in Berlin!

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