75% of the places assigned!

We now have 173 registrations for the 230 places in the A and B Open. That is (over) 75% of the available places.

There are already over 40 title holders registered (4 GM, 15 IM, 1 WIM, 18 FM, 1 WFM, 5 CM, 1 WCM) as well as players from 21 different nations so far. They make the tournament without question one of the most prestigious U25 tournaments ever. Far beyond the borders of Berlin, even Germany.

Important: In connection with the registrations it should be noted that starting places in the tournament are only guaranteed if an online registration and a transfer of the entry fee have been made. This is the case for all those published in the list of participants. They have a starting place secured.

If the number of registrations exceeds our capacity limit of 230 players in the A- and B-Open, we will allocate the starting places in the order in which the starting fee is received.

See you in October in Berlin!

Prizes for the C-Open by our Learning Partner Chessable with a total value of €2,225.00!

Logo Königsjäger Süd-West mit Sponsorlogo (Chessable)

We very happily welcome Chessable as our official Learning Partner as well as our prize sponsor for the C-Open!
Chessable is sponsoring the tournament with vouchers and courses which come to a total worth of €2,225!

Due to that generous sponsoring we will have a total of 10 main prizes, 16 category prizes in 8 different categories, and 2 prizes to win for everyone who is present at the award ceremony! Everyone who would be eligible for multiple prizes will win the highest prize they are eligible for. Multiple prizes are not possible.

We wish all participants good luck and please check out Chessable’s courses. They also have a lot of free courses! Especially remarkable is their move trainer which, if used properly, makes sure that you actually remember the variations and ideas of openings and endgames!

PrizeVoucher WorthCourse WorthTotal
1stVoucher + 1 Course150 €150 €300 €
2ndVoucher + 1 Course100 €150 €250 €
3rdVoucher + 1 Course75 €150 €225 €
4thVoucher50 €50 €
5thVoucher50 €50 €
6thVoucher50 €50 €
7thVoucher50 €50 €
8thVoucher50 €50 €
9thVoucher50 €50 €
10thVoucher50 €50 €
U21 1stVoucher75 €75 €
U21 2ndVoucher50 €50 €
U18 1stVoucher75 €75 €
U18 2ndVoucher50 €50 €
U14 1stVoucher75 €75 €
U14 2ndVoucher50 €50 €
U10 1stVoucher75 €75 €
U10 2ndVoucher50 €50 €
Female 1stVoucher75 €75 €
Female 2ndVoucher50 €50 €
Female U20 1stVoucher75 €75 €
Female U20 2ndVoucher50 €50 €
Female U14 1stVoucher75 €75 €
Female U14 2ndVoucher50 €50 €
Best DWZ Increase 1stVoucher75 €75 €
Best DWZ Increase 2ndVoucher50 €50 €
Award Ceremony Raffle 1Voucher50 €50 €
Award Ceremony Raffle 2Voucher50 €50 €

Current Status Partner Accomodations

  • At the “Hotel Morgenland***” 6 single rooms, 5 double bed rooms and 1 three bed room are still available. Our special conditions only apply until 14.09.2023 23:59 CEST. Afterwards all rooms will be available to the public at the normal prizes.

  • At the “Jugendgästehaus Lichterfelde” 1 single room, 4 double bed rooms and 1 six bed room are still available. These rooms are not reserved for us anymore but our conditions still apply. Participants who want to stay here should book as soon as possible.

To book at our partner accomodations, please visit this site: https://u25chess.com/partner-accomodations.

We are GM-norms capable

Dear U25 chess friends,

with the last update of our entry list in the A-Open we could publish the first grandmasters. Not only one, but three. Thus, the GM-norm capability of our A-Open is ensured. We welcome by name and quite cordially

GM Szymon Gumularz (POL),

GM Pawel Teclaf (POL) and

GM Paulius Pultineviciu (LTU).

They lead a list that now includes 38 titleholders who have registered for the A-Open so far. But also the B- and C-Open continue to fill up. These lists are also constantly updated by us.

See you in October in Berlin!

1. Berlin U25 Open: „strong international tournament“

In the regulations of the World Chess Federation, FIDE, FIDE designates our tournament as a “strong international tournament”!

We owe this to more than 150 registrations we have received by now. In addition, we also meet all other requirements for this title: it must be a “nine-rounder” and at least 20 title holders WFM “or higher” from at least three federations participate. Everything is already fulfilled with the registrations we have now, more than two months before the start of the tournament.

The tournament promises to be a highlight of the young chess scene.

See you in October in Berlin!

50% of the places assigned!

Together we are accepting registrations from up to 230 players for the 1st Berlin U25 Open in the A and B Open. At the moment we already have half of these registrations with 115 registrations.

Currently we have players from 10 nations: Bulgaria, Germany, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland and Ukraine. This will definitely be an international chess festival!

Among the players there are also already 24 title holders: 7 IM, 14 FM and 3 CM. The trend is clearly upward: the field of participants promises high-quality chess games.

And of course, the U25 limit applies to all participants. Only those born in 1998 or later may participate. The tournament promises to be a highlight of the young chess scene!

In connection with the registrations it should be noted that starting places in the tournament are guaranteed only if there is an online registration and a transfer of the entry fee. This is the case for all published in the list of participants.

See you in October in Berlin!

Norms ability of the tournament established!

Dear U25 chess friends,

In mid-May we published the “1st Berlin U25 Open” and announced the call for entries. In the meantime two weeks have passed and today we have received the 50th registration!

Even more important for some chess friends is, of course, that the A-Open is already norm-capable: with players from 4 nations and 9 title holders (including 4 IM) the norm criteria for the IM norm are already fulfilled now – almost five months before the tournament starts. Next goal: GM norm capability.

Who is now wondering and does not see the data so confirmed on the website: On the registration lists of the website only fully registered players are listed. In the background we already have further registrations, but they will be made public only after receipt of the entry fee.

See you in October in Berlin!